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Today, as I dream about what control looks like in this so-called ‘the free world’. I received a text from a friend asking what this Blockchain is and my answer was.

“You have to see what type of person you are as an individual? Back in history, Land was being discovered by brave individuals, taking risks. People wanted to see what or IF there was any land beyond the sea. Today we thank them for discovering”.

My friend’s response was “But if I had enough money, I would give it a go, but I’m not a millionaire like you, hahaha”.

And of course, my answer was “funny; I’m not too”. What got me into this space was not only the money but the Blockchain”. The conversation stopped there.

For me, it is that feeling that I control the £10 on my ledger and I can do with it as I please. I don’t have to ask permission. It’s a feeling, a satisfaction that I chose to double that £10, spend it or invest it. The Blockchain has given me that control.

Satoshi Nakamoto didn't give us a selfless, trustless gift for greed.

Suppose you’re coming into this Blockchain space just for the money factor. I would say, stop and rethink your reasons first. To me, money is a vital part of the Blockchain, but there is more to it than that. One part is like air. Air is an energy that surrounds us. Too much and you go giddy, too little and you’ll starve. Take that deep breath and control your breathing, control your money. I do wonder how many people get to stop and smell the roses.

If you think about that word control, you will see that every sector in your life you have a bit of control. You wake up and control what you want to do. You go to work or school, your choice, you have a partner again your choice. So, why does it feel like 100% of my money needs to be controlled by someone else?

At CryptoBanditz, we love the saying ‘make your money, make money. But, that saying is not only tied to the finance sector but also the energy that surrounds us as well. Just like money, energy gives us good or bad feelings. Having that sense of feeling to stop yourself from going down the selfish path. Some noobs get lost in the desire of too much money that they do not see pass there own self. Where is the selfless act in that? So all these feelings, you can somehow connect it to the Blockchain (money, energy, air and control).

Satoshi Nakamoto didn’t give us a selfless, trustless gift for greed. It was a gift of showing you that maybe control is within your own path and to see what type of individual you are? Are you selfish or selfless? Do you look to be 100% controlled by the powers be, or not? Maybe, start with 10% as your happy medium, and choose to learn about the Blockchain.

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Image source: The Matrix Movie.

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