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Written for CryptoBanditz

CryptoBanditz has walked on the dusty and sandy streets of Cryptown for months, searching this blockchain world to stake their gains. As, other recent methods to make our money, make money has come up short and is not transparent enough for the likes of the CryptoBanditz Posse. We wanted to add our two cents into how we discovered some mouth-watering Cryptown areas to stake in.

We feel that Proof of Stake (PoS) is one of the safety bets you can put your money on. But, some PoS can be a daunting business for noobs trying to make their money, make money. You have to watch out for misleading information and sometimes the information is not upfront, to begin with, and only to find out that you have to lock in your gains, for more months than you wanted too. We believe that being transparent upfront will help many noobs make better staking decisions. So, we have painted a few stakes in the ground that you may find interesting.

We believe that being transparent upfront will help many noobs make better staking decisions.”

Energi (NRG)

The name alone (Energi) is another meaning for money. In this Cryptown area, the community is very welcoming the minute you walk into there town. If I were a first-time noob looking for a community that has your back 100 per cent and is very helpful in tutoring you to stake your gains on protected land, I would say you cannot go wrong with Energi. They have gone through a lot to protect their community and reputation at all cost. By, building a division called the Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI), serve to protect the community from hackers, scammers, and other treacherous actors in the space. Their elite team ranges from veterans of the Cybersecurity industry to veterans of the Intelligence Community (FBI, CIA, etc.). The Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI) was able to recover over $750,000 worth of NRG across more than ten different cases. It’s like having the deputy, sheriff and the town community all protecting you. The force is strong with this staking, makes you feel all nice a warm inside, knowing that your funds are safe and growing as you stake with Energi. 

Decred (DCR)

It’s TacoTime for a Cryptown that is in this game for a long time. Decred’s knowledge and understanding in the blockchain world have given them a head start into PoS/PoW, which is second to none. They became one of the first blockchain companies to direct on-chain user-activated consensus vote, successfully. As we say, if you haven’t got a ticket, you’re not getting in, to vote. Purchasing a ticket gives you the right to vote for what will be implemented soon on the Decred. So, not only are you staking your gains, you have rights to vote on how Decred runs its business. Having the extra consenses makes you feel that you are part a something big that is growing into this decentralised world Decred is building. Watch this space, as there may be a new Dex in town.

Harmony (ONE)

We’re living in the wild wild west, but I know Kung-Fu? Then show me? Harmony may be the ONE that has is a fast and secure blockchain for decentralised applications. Harmony production mainnet supports 4 shards of 1000 nodes, producing blocks in 8 seconds with finality. Now, that’s fast when you see the future will grow with more noobs adopting into the blockchain.

Harmony has designed a novel Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism for network security and economics. There Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) reduces centralisation and distributes rewards fairly to thousands of validators. Harmony’s staking mechanism supports delegation and reward compounding. The ease of setting up a user wallet to participate in staking is one of the smartest and transparent steps to get your feet wet into staking straight away.

My two cents

When you are thinking about staking for future gains, you should consider why you want to stake with that Blockchain company. Are they doing things that sit well with you? How do they value you as a person and do they have Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of a free, decentralised world. Then you won’t mind staking for the long run. You’ll kick your boots up and relax, and watch those gains come in.

Check out some of the above staking reward projects and let us know how you got, by commenting below. Happy protecting your gains and we hope you make your money, make more money.

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