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Howdy partner, let’s start with the name “Crypto Banditz”, you may know, the word “crypto” is short for cryptography as in encrypted codes of numbers and letters. This cryptography happens to be part of the blockchain technology (which we will discuss in ah we bit) and a vital role in this new digital world.

Nicely, leads us to “Banditz” where a group of friends got together, and quickly fell head over heels with this new blockchain technology. Then, to find out that you have full control of your own assets, yee-hah! Bring it on. But, first let’s understand the Wild Wild West of Crypto. It’s the Good, The bad and the damn right Ugly side of everyone trying to get a piece of this new system that only 1% of the world is involved. So, we formed the banditz to be at your service, collecting helpful nuggets to guide you along this ride of the digital financial system.

CryptoBanditz Wild Wild West
World we live in

The world we live in

CryptoBanditz in the building! let it be known, we will not offer any financial advice, but let you know what pitfalls to avoid and will never promote FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) news, but are very willing to encourage awareness within this digital blockchain world. We will offer some necessary guidance on how you can start obtaining digital assets called coins by most, leading you to have full control over your finances from now and the coming future.

Welcome to the world of CryptoBanditz, so saddle up and enjoy the ride!

The future is coming

Now we come to the critical part, and that is the blockchain, which is a decentralised system, meaning no one controls it, yee-hah! The blockchain uses digital recorded transactions across many, many computers, so this cannot be tracked, altered, hacked or stolen without knowing the calculations of over a million different combinations within 5 seconds of each block. And the best part, the blockchain is not controlled by any authoritative figures such as banks and governments.

Think of the possibilities in how we can use the blockchain? You bought a costly item, and you will have the digital records stored on the blockchain that the article belongs to you and will only work with your private data. If the item is lost or stolen, it will be useless without you transferring the records over.

My Bank

1.7 billion people don’t have access to a bank account.

What if we told you it’s possible to own and control your personal bank account?

A new era of digital funds (using your smart device) will help you gain access into having your own personal bank. Research the 3 easy steps into achieving your goal.

Step 1

Connect with an open-minded bank that allows you to buy cryptocurrency. Got to find the right balance when choosing a bank. Learn about the interest rates, as it's interesting to keep your funds healthy.

Step 2

Many different types of digital currency are sitting on the blockchain. Secured, scalable and trusted by many major corporations. Research what digital currency you want and get those digital gold assets.

Step 3

Store your newly bought digital currency onto a secure hardware (bank) wallet that only you obtain the private keys and digital funds. There are many hardwares out there, which are Ledger, Trezor and Keepkey.

Five minute break

Grab a coffee and maybe some beans and mule over these charts. It is always best to keep one eye on the prize. Click on a cryptocurrency name to get an in-depth view. We believe that TradingView is the one place you’ll be checking daily. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Cryptocurrency market

Work with the Posse

Drop us a line and tell us which career path you would like to contribute and to be part of this exciting new group of banditz. Spreading awareness about the blockchain technology to everyone you cross paths with.

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